Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Season!

Friday, December 18, 2009 0
I would want to post a personalized holiday picture card but then again, my lappie is broken and i don't wanna install photoshop here:)

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone!

Oh, I also need to revise the layout of my blog! will probably revise it when I get back from my vacation and while still looking for new work!:)

well, the reason why I'm blogging after on hiatus for a long time now, I've been thinking of doing something new with my blog. and aside from that is I was supposed to pour out my thoughts about the recent happenings but I decided na it's not the right time for now :D

Well, recently, I feel like no matter how hard I work, they will never be satisfied. Well then again, a lot of people never find contentment. another realization is that most people don't care what you think or what happens to you. what they care about is themselves only. they would always want to be "ung nakakalamang". sometimes I feel like I won't live long because of this.

anyways! enough about that! Happy Holidays everyone! I hope things get back to normal and get better next year.

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