Thursday, April 30, 2009

Betta Macrostoma

Thursday, April 30, 2009 0
I was browsing for fishes on sale. When I saw "BETTA MACROSTOMA FOR SALE!" I was like what's that!? I was super surprised at the tag price. Betta Macrostoma is actually six thousand pesos EACH! Arowana is even cheaper! Of course, curious as I can be, I searched through the web and looked for pictures. I can't believe it. It was a mixed feeling of awe and the thought of it's not worth it. But the more and more pictures I browse. The more I like the fish! hahaha:) I'm officially now addicted to fish.

I wanted to post some pictures but I'm not sure if it's okay since they're not mine but they have watermarks of the owner of the photos.

Anyways, I bought 12 aquariums today! 8 pcs of 4x4x6 and 4 pcs of 8x5x6. I was actually eyeing this for a long time but too busy to go to DLSU to pick it up. Finally, I bought it today after sort of being happy for selling a dog and shipping the puppy to Palawan!!! I was soo happy with my purchase because some of my fishes will have bigger homes now! Yay!:) I'm now thinking of buying the 8 pcs aquarium that could hose 40 bettas in each space. I'm planning to buy it if I start to work so that I can weigh the possibilities of continuing this hobby while working or not.

I'm so happy! I'll try to upload pictures. I'm still owe my vacation blogs. :D Check the pictures of the Betta Macrostoma. I'm sure you'll be amazed somehow. :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movie Review : Sweet Lie (Lost and Found)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2

Finished a movie where I got bitin during the flight back to Manila. I love romantic comedies. Light, easy, and tingly! Korean movies have the knack for making romantic comedies! This movie was no different! Funny, cute and touching especially at the very end.

The story mainly revolves the first love of a girl during highschool. By accident, the girl bumped into the car of her first love when they were already adults and professionals. Since Jin Ho (lead actress) also got her bag stolen, she took this opportunity to fake amnesia and spent time with his first love, Min-Woo. But Jin Ho's childhood friend Dongshik is madly in love with Jin Ho ever since elementary. A love triangle. Who won? Better watch the movie!:) But I cried when I saw the scrapbook Dongshik had made ever since they were kids. Awww! Here's the line I liked the most!

Photo from

Jin-Ho: I can think of a time ..... when I was.... in love with you...

Dong Shik: I can't think of a time when I wasn't.

Nice right? <3

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 1 of my Holy Week Vacation!

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April 4, 2009

Went to the airport so early in the morning! Ate Kopi Roti's Coffee Bun and drank their Naicha! I like my naicha better! hahaha! :)) Boarded Singapore Airlines going to Singapore!:) I was at first excited boarding Singapore Airlines because I remember they have games on board! But I was disappointed! The games when I was a kid was still there, graphics are still the same or maybe, I'm just all grown up from playing those games:) Watched a movie. It's actually a Korean movie. I forgot the title! :D What I like best about this airline is they have more than 50 channels to choose from and imagine more than 50 movies from all over the world. They have American movies like The curious case of Benjamin Button, Highschool Musical 3 ata, Yes Man and a whole lot more. They have Korean, Japanese, Indian, European and Thai films too!

Arrived Singapore-lah!

checked in at Meritus Mandarin Hotel just near Orchard Road!

Had lunch at their top floor popular for their Hainanese Chicken which was really super yummy! Pictures from my brother's camera.

We also ordered my favorite Seafood Hofan! Also very tasty!

Fried something dumplings with wasabi mayo sauce! Yummy too!

Tofu with something that I forgot. Haha!

After lunch we walked around the malls near our hotel and my parents went to meet up with the others to ride the ferris wheel which I forgot what it's called. Then the 3 of us just walked around the mall until Ahya had to go meet his friend. So my little sister and I just bought some food at Takashimaya and felt happy when I saw ToriQ! So this was what Tokwa was talking about back then! Food were tasty and not expensive compared to what we had for lunch!

While strolling around Takashimaya's food floor, I remembered the Japanese Series with Ryoko Hirosue. I forgot the title but the food stalls were sort of featured in that series! :) It felt like I was in Japan for a while.

Ate dinner and prepared for tomorrow's activities!:D Nothing much but it was fun!:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Totally Random

Friday, April 24, 2009 4
Again, my blog is on hiatus-mode again! A lot of thing have been happening, partly mine but mostly the problems have to do with something else. Of course I'm worried even if it's not exactly my problem but still, I can't help it be worried as well. I wanna shout to those people who have abused and don't f(*&@#$ care at all. Why is this world a creepy place? It's because of those abusive people who don't care about you but only care about themselves. Their own welfare, their own gain, advantage, whatsoever. Anyways for all those abusive people and users. May karma get the better of you!

Anyways, I was so mad the other day. why? This person lied about something just to sort of get ahead. And as usual, I just cried instead of explaining carefully my side / my point. It has always been my weakness to explain things fully. I know I'm a good teacher when it comes to teaching other things but when it comes to explaining myself/what i'm thinking, that's where I fall short of. I remember teaching accounting to my friends, teaching math to my shobs but how come when I explain things especially things that matter to me, I sort of mutter the wrong words. Anyways, for that liar, come what may. Karmahin rin un someday! I plan to write all those things and one day iprprint ko and ipapabasa ko. But what the heck, baka by then I'm already dead. Anyways, I will be strong for whatever waves.tides. storms that come my way. Diba? All these abusive, user, liars will go to hell someday. And thanks to them, It taught me how not to trust, not to be attached, and I'm sure, that lesson will make me successful someday:)

I'm so worried about a certain problem (not mine but my dad's) I hope things will be okay. I hope things will be fine or be solved right away.

As usual, I still didn't blog about my holy week trip. I keep hesitating and busy working kahit wala pang work! Sometimes, I wonder, I'm already busy what more if may work na? Siguro kasi, ayaw ko lang humihingi ng humihingi, I make sure that I work hard for what I get. Oh ewan! well, I know I wanted a certain company but I don't like to wait anymore. we'll see :) I have so many things to blog about and to take pictures too. Maybe this weekend after I asikaso my fishies! I'm now making Saturdays and Wednesdays my clean aquarium and todo asikaso fish day. I have been neglecting them these past few days. Sorry fishies!

For those who wanted to adopt fishes, Post a message here! :) Just bring your own lalagyan and of course. pick-up only:) Thanks! I need to lessen my fish... Namamatay sila sa dami na..

Oh, I remember something about my mom said today, about a certain relative was showing off her jewelries or something. I just told her na ganito na talaga ngayon, ung mga taong hindi naman pinaghihirapan money nila lakas mag show-off palibhasa d naman nila pinaghirapan feeling nila easy lang mag earn ng money. And besides, bahala sila mag show off kasi I'm sure one day mauubos rin money lalo na't hindi naman sha marunong humawak nun:) Di ba? And hanggang doon lang kaya niya. show off, kasi palibhasa walang pumapansin sa kanya! ha ha ha!:)) Parang blind item to! Well, once or twice ko lang ata to nakita tong relative na to and in fairness, yun lang ata ang talent niya:) show off. Haha! Ayaw ko na maging mabait. Siguro nga tama sabi nung isang tao, galit ako sa lahat ng umaaway or umaabuso sa parents ko especially sa mama ko. Bato bato sa langit, ang matamaan, well... sorry nalang, binato ko kasi eh, may gravity kaya nahulog at natamaan, pasensha na! wahahaha!:))

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sunday, April 19, 2009 6

I feel like it's already months when I last blogged. But not to worry, I finally got the pics of our vacation. I'm just thinking twice if I should blog about it or not.

I have a new pet! 20 Flowerhorn frys! :) I hope I feed them till they grow big enough to breed. No pictures for now, But I'll try to take a picture later including my Betta frys! They're bigger now and cuter! :) I noticed a lot of crowntails! Yehey!:)

I've been busy thinking about the job I will apply for and also busy selling dogs, thinking of new ideas and such. I must work harder! :) I need to make goals everyday and achieve at least 50% Huhu!

After seeing Philip's Blog, I am inspired to do similar posts with pictures first without any captions leaving some mystery to the reader. I hope it's okay with him that I'll try to do it once in a while:) hehe!

Addicted to restaurant city! Here's a screenshot (the only picture I could share for now) of my restaurant. It looks like a tower defense game in warcraft! :D This was the waste of time I have been doing the last few days! I'd better stop soon cause I feel like it's such a waste of time.

Last night, I played my DS lite again after a week or so! And I got sleepy playing! hehe:) that's probably my sleeping pill! hahaha:) And oh! I started watching movies lately at night. I'll blog about it soon! Those movies were nice and funny!:) I like movies like that. Light and full of laughs.

Gotta go! Now that I think of it, I know how my week was wasted aside from Restaurant City. It was actually the reading of mails that kept me busy and cleaning up my mailbox. Well, at least it's finished anyway.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Post

Monday, April 13, 2009 0
Well, before I blog about my holy week vacation. I'll blog about the boo-boos before the trip and my job interview today!!!!

My poor phone! I don't why it turned like this a day before my 8-day vacation!!!! sayang. naiwan tuloy siya. dapat sama siya eh!

Huhu! Well I hope repair fees won't cost so much. I just repaired the flex of this phone last hm.. last month or so! And I love this phone! It's my favorite phone so far well it's probably a tie between the old treo. sigh!

Aside from my samsung boo-boo. My motorola phone also needs to be format or something which I didn't do because I was busy packing my things.

Maybe it's time to buy a new phone! haha:) we'll see:D


I have an interview this morning 830-10am at Makati. It's a bank. For those who are close to me, you know about the bank thingie. Since I don't wanna bother my dad to drive me to makati. I left early around 730+am and took a cab to Makati. The cab driver was nice so I gave him extra tip!:D Arrived too early around 8am but I was probably the 7th or 8th person. I waited and waited and to make the long story short I was interviewed and asked what position I like and I said marketing and more on the conceptualization. Then she told me that there are no current openings in that area and my resume will be placed in the active file (whatever that is) and the weird thing is I'm free! I wasn't asked to come back the next few days unlike the person before me which was applying for something else ata. I felt like it was fate smiling at me:D But hey, I did my best in the interview and if first impressions last, I'd say that I'm here to prove you wrong:)

Anyways, tomorrow will be a less busier day:D hopefully:) Just wanna plug. We have new chihuahua puppies for sale! many pups to choose from:D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Loooong Week

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 3
And again, I turned down another job offer. A long story why. I like the job, the pay doesn't matter to me that much now and location is average. Well complicated things happen and we can't do anything but to be flexible with how things are going today.

Anyways, enough about that. Today we went to the Member's Treat of S&R. For the first time, S&R Aseana's parking is full and a lot of people are inside shopping on a weekday! That was around lunch time! I bought Lipton Milk Tea, just because I had a new "recipe" making it in a slushie which tastes so good. Bought Pantene shampoo. why? It was on sale. around 150 pesos off the original price and it's imported. Eversince Pantene changed their recipe locally, I stopped buying since my head hurts whenever I use their shampoo. So I'm glad the imported ones are on sale and bought 2 bottles! :) Ate their new garlic-shrimp pizza. Yummy! And I planned to buy G's and my favorite Dark Crunch in minis but someone bought them all:( sad.

Everything will be fine, right? I should start listing down things already before it's too late. I don't want to forget things that I needed to bring on the trip. I hope they have Wi-fi.


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