Friday, January 22, 2010


Friday, January 22, 2010 0
I just wanted to pour out these useless thoughts and get it over with and get back to work! I still have so many things to do but these useless and annoying thoughts keep bugging me!

I forgot where or whose status in facebook I saw this message but I think it's good and at least it makes sense!

"I don't wish for them to die. but if they do, I hope they burn in hell"

well something like that. To all those people who are plastic, user, liars, etc. THAT "quote" is for you!

I know, I sound like as if I'm filled with hatred inside. But so what, for those people who abuse other people and just used them for their own personal gain or whatsoever that is for you!

There, I feel so much better! I can now get back to my work! whee~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lists, Lists and more Lists!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 0
List #1 - Things to do

1) Download and install Itunes
2) Dock my Ipod and Put Classical Music
3) Organize my Files
4) Delete Unnecessary Files
5) Back them up on a CD
6) Organize my stuff
7) Organize my E-mail
8) Clean up Facebook Invites
9) Clean up unused Apps
10) Update Phonebook and consolidate information to my phone:)
11) Do the Errands and Chores
12) Get my backpay
13) Exhaust all old blank Cds, Dvds
14) Organize Wii games
15) Organize my books and wrap them in plastic
16) Look for a nice Card holder
17) and more and MORE!

LIST #2 - Things to accomplish/achieve within the first quarter of the year!

1) Change Blog Layout
2) Change PawsandFins layout
3) Change Plurk Layout
4) Change my Multiply site's Layout
5) Read a book
6) Learn at least 2 Piano Pieces (I think I already finished one)
7) Read at least 2 Magazines
8) Try to get into the habit of playing Wii Fit at least three times a week (for the first quarter)
9) Recheck my Video Collection

LIST #3 - Some Goals for the year 2010!

1) Make a sideline / main line:)) haha joke!
2) Drive at least 100kms
3) Study new piano pieces and practice my skills
4) read books (hopefully at least 1 each quarter)
5) read magazines (hopefully 2 each quarter)
6) Organize organize organize
7) Fix my lappie!
8) Self-Study /Review Nihongo
9) More to come:P
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