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Before I post about the "telephone wire" thingy. Let me share what Phil has blogged in his multiply!

This is actually made by Wordle (

In the first option, you can type in some random words that pops into your mind and they generate an image with special effects which you can easily edit as well. You have the choice of colors, whether words are horizontal, vertical etc., the font and more! It is really a cool idea to just make random wordle images and have fun!

But aside from typing in random words, Wordle also lets you generate a Wordle image by using your website that has an Atom or RSS Feed! I tried that option and used my blog here in blogspot as the word generator and look! Wordle created an image with tons of random words in it! This is really nice!

Try it!:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not an Ordinary Sunday

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We were set to leave at Ten a.m. going to Tagaytay to eat lunch at the Highlands Greenhouse! Ever since as a kid, I only liked a few restaurants in Tagaytay Highlands. I didn't like the buffet at the Clubhouse. I didn't like the food on the 2nd floor of the sports center. But I remember liking the pasta a lot at the Peak. (I'm not so sure if it's still there right now or even the name, I can't remember if it was the Highlands Peak or just the Peak.) It was actually located at the top part and they really had yummy pasta!:)

I'm not so sure if it was may second or third time eating at the Greenhouse. and I liked it A LOT!:) Not only they are in very affordable prices. the food is just like, fresh from the garden!:) Usually, they first serve you with bread with butter (you could opt-in to ask for Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar if you don't like butter with herbs). But today, since the whole restaurant was full, there have been some delay on the bread with butter!:) They serve you bottomless Dalandan Juice. I think it was freshly squeezed but I'm not so sure. You could directly go to the buffet and get yourself a bowl of soup. Last time it was pumpkin soup! Yummy. Today, I didn't know what it was. Haha! Then you could just go fill your plate with some veggies and fruits for your salad. Today, I had some mango, suha, melon, some leafy veggies, egg and i-forgot-what-else. Ate it with the honey mustard dressing and again, I forgot what the other salad dressing's name is. hehe! Yummy!

Then pasta time! I put some shrimps, squids, salmon, scallops and mushrooms on my plate and handed it to the waiter for them to cook it with Penne pasta with white sauce:) I was thinking about getting a second serving since I told the waiter to have only a little pasta and the cook gladly oblighed with it!:D as in I think I only ate around 1/3 or 1/2 of the plate. super konte lang! But I felt really full so I decided not to eat since it's an hour and a half on the way home. Then I didn't eat desserts anymore since there's no ice cream! hehe!

After that, we went around and decided to go back home and pass by some bee farm. Ilog Maria. Does it sound familiar? To me, it isn't. But we bought a lot of their products and went home. We were supposed to pass through Sta. Rosa but since we didn't know that the Bee Farm was at the Aguinaldo Highway in Silang, Cavite, we had no choice but use the Aguinaldo Highway on our way back home. TRAFFIC. and to make the long story short. We got home around 5 p.m.

Anyways, before I end my entry. I want you to guess what this is.

Just comment or put ur guesses in my chatbox! I'll talk about this in my succeeding blogs. I've been looking around stores crazy for this thing!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Belle De Jour

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Planners are very useful in our lives. Especially if you like your appointments and things to do in an organized notebook. But I think, the hype for the planner grew during the Starbucks earlier christmas years where they offer a free planner for around 21 stickers (21 drinks). The starbucks planner back then was very pretty and nice. People go crazy collecting stickers and fortunately (or unfortunately), I didn't bother. I just helped them fill up their cards while drinking my favorite, Iced White Chocolate or Green Tea Frap.

It was probably last year that I knew about the Belle de Jour Planner. I'm not sure where but I think I saw it online. Bought one. Used it for the whole year. Unfortunately, I was still not used to using these kinds of planners, I actually use the monthly calendars years before.

This year's Belle de Jour is way way way better! Anyways, I'll write more about it as we go along the pictures!:)

The Belle de Jour 2009 box! This year, they came up with the idea of selling it with the option of a box. It costs 20 pesos but I think it's worth it:) It has a silver bottom and a pink tom with the Belle de Jour logo.

The Belle de Jour 2009 and 2008! See, even the covers look great! The 2009 edition has more colors! And it looks more fun!:) Oh! and another thing that i like about the Belle de Jour 2009 is that you can "fold" it just like a springed notebook!:) great, isn't it?

This year's planner comes with Forget-me-not notepad and coupon holder in one! Just in case u didn't know, the Belle de Jour Planner comes with many many coupons that you could really use!:) I like the mix of the colors used in this year's planner.

The Belle de Jour planner comes with a lot of tips on how to maximize your planner, a page for your goals this 2009, vision statement page, someday maybe list, dream board, health checklist, menstrual tracker, birthday list (which i really like), vacation planner, christmas gift list, and a lot of tips!

See how colorful the pages are. Aside from better pages. the paper quality is also better this time. Honestly, I didn't like the paper quality from last year's planner. But this year, It is better (Or maybe, the colors are playing a trick on me!) hehe:)

Here is a picture of the Birthday List! Sometimes, I wish the space would be a bit bigger since some people have the same birthdays and I tend to cramp up their names in that space. But nevertheless, that was one part of the planner that I maximize:D

The planner itself. If you can see (I know the picture's small and blurry) aside from the ordinary timelines, you have a MIT list below and errand list on top. It's really a nice and useful planner if you really use it.

This is what I like best about the Belle de Jour Planner! COUPONS that I can really use! Last year's planner, I think I used around 5 or more coupons? or even MORE! I used up the CBTL coupons!!! Hey, who wouldn't like a Buy one Take one Ice blended drink, right?:) Aside from the drinks, CHEESECAKES at CBTL! hehe! I also used the coupon for a pair of Havaianas at all flip flops. Of course, the cupcakes by Sonja at Serendra. and many more!:) This year's planner comes with even more coupons!!! whee~ but wait! There's more! haha!

I also get this "discount/privilege"? card. with this card, I get to have a 5% discount on all services, 10%discount on hair care therapy, Earn points for credits and most importantly, I get to have a free haircut and hair therapy on my birthday with this card!

Isn't it nice? hehe! Can't wait for next year!:) Can't wait to use my planner na!:)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Finally Got my License!

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December 23, 2908

The night before I was scheduled to go to LTO. I couldn't sleep. I'm not sure if it was the afternoon nap that kept me awake or I was really excited to get my license. I slept around 1-2 in the morning and woke up around 6+ am! Went to LTO with my Dad at around 730 am. We arrived there before 8 and of course. Drug test. They let us wait so long because they weren't ready to open yet. Luckily, I was the first one, since I don't want the bathroom to be dirty and all. I couldn't fill up the bottle with my urine. It was hard!!! Paid 400 for the drug test and "eye exam". They just asked me if what is the grade of my eyes and if I'm wearing contact lenses.
Grabe. LTO Tayuman was so full of people! Probably a hundred at least. or maybe five hundred! Met Jesylyne before lining up for something! haha:D Then lined up for the photo-taking. then waited for my name to be called for the cashier

then grabe! The cashier was so damn slow with the transactions that I think, it was the slowest counter ever! I was so inis coz the person who took her picture AFTER me was able to pay first! She must have been piling up the paperworks coz when I was so pissed off waiting (after all, I think I really finished the photo taking first compared to another person) I went to counter 12 and asked if where are my documents? Then she showed me the stack of documents and told me, "Tatawagin ka nlang mamaya" After giving me a snotty stare. I wanted to tell her "Paki bilis bilisan naman. hindi naman magtatanong yung mga tao sayo or d ka nila guguluhin kung mabilis ka mag trabaho. para kang nasa luneta! Ambagal mo eh, kaya ka natatambakan!" But of course, I didn't do that. Why? She might do some power tripping and I may end up coming back the next day to get my license. After I followed up my papers, she finally called me. After paying, I have to wait at Window 14 for my exam permit.

I was hoping I could take the exam before lunch time so I could go home early. But no! at 11 am, window 14 announced that they will not release exam permits before lunch, so all those waiting for permits must come back around 1230 for the lecture and after that they will release our exam permits! So my Dad and I just went to Jollibee to eat! After that we just went back and waited for the lecture. The lecturer asked all those people who will be taking the exam to move to the left part and while I was taking a seat, this egoistic guy sat on the seat I was going to seat on. And during the whole lecture, he was so damn KSP. why? He was like trying to show me his reviewer pointing out the answers but I didn't mind him. why? I already finished studying that reviewer that morning! Aside from that, he was making so much noise and shouting answers and feeling magaling! That was of course until he shouted the wrong answer. Hahaha! I was annoyed when he was occupying my space. Sana! d nako inagawan ng seat kung mejo maglelean siya sa side ko! Damn it!

Anyways, after the lecture, I just ran off to window 14 and waited for my name to be called. I got my exam permit and raced up the stairs to be able to take the test ASAP and get out of that place ASAP! haha:)) The exam was printed with your name on top so I was guessing that everyone has a different set meaning different questions. Coz when Jes finished her exam, she told me some questions that would come out but I didn't see some of those. And guess what! Some of the questions were not on the reviewer and I wasn't sure with some of my answers! After the exam, I just went back down and asked my dad one question that made me think a long time!
"Kapag ikaw ay nasa highway at gusto mong mas mabagal ang takbo kaysa sa iba? saang lane ka dapat? " A. Pinakakanang linya B. Pinakagitnang Linya C. Pinaka kaliwang linya

So what was your answer? Until now, I still don't know what the answer for that. What I answered was the B. Coz for sure, I knew that the left lane was for the overtaking and fastest lane. while the rightmost lane is for the shoulder where cars stop. so I sort of guessed that it was the middle lane! But my dad said NO! the answer is the rightmost lane... I explained my point and still he told me it was the rightmost lane.. haha!

Anyways, after the exam, I waited for my name to be called. Honestly, I was a little worried, Imagine, if i failed the test, I would have to wait like 1-2 hrs per counter again! Finally, I passed and then I WAITED AGAIN FOR THE SLOWEST CASHIER ON EARTH. CASHIER NUMBER 12! again, the one who finished the test slower than me paid first! Damn it! Then around 3pm, my name was called and we waited for counter 14 to release my License. took so long. but finally! I got it and went home.

Here's the picture of my License! Yahoo!:) want me to drive your car?:D haha! I wanted an old car to drive, My brother told me to just use our Trooper but I wanted his Rav4 since it's older compared to the Trooper! haha:D
Of course, I covered my picture and other personal details! haha! What were you expecting? haha!

Anyways, this was actually the shortcut of what happened during my experience at LTO Tayuman! imagine, from 740am till 4pm?

Merry Christmas!

I know, I haven't been blogging the past few days where I should blog since there are so many things that happened and well... Apparently, I was out of energy by the time I'm supposed to blog about it. I have a runny nose, sort of sore throat and I get tired easily these past few days
(dunno whY).


So, how was your christmas? :D

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Sometimes, before I log in my Yahoo Mail, I check those news in the center and I came across the article "Best Holiday Gifts for a Digital Man". Only one item caught my eye. It was the Dymo DiscPainter. If I'm not mistaken, Dymo used to be very really popular for those labels-making kit, where this mini machine that makes tiny labels where you punch letters to stick it to almost everything. Eversince label stickers were introduced to the computer users. Dymo's label-making kit wasn't that popular anymore.
I think this is another of their great ideas into action...The DYMO DiscPainter!

It costs around $280 and this is really nice. It paints images/labels or anything you want on the top of your disc. the catch: the top side should be inkjet-printable surface. Just like an ordinary printer where you can print documents, pictures etc. This DiscPainter prints discs! Just like an ordinary printer, the DiscPainter also has the options of Draft, Normal and Best!

This product could be added on my wishlist, but then again, I think I like the Canon Selphy more:)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Forever a Student

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Now that a lot of students are starting their vacations, I came across some who are bored with their vacations! When I was a kid, I was like that, I wanted to start school immediately. But when highschool came, I don't wanna go to school! I wanted to be in vacation mode as long as possible!

Now that I think of it, I am like in vacation mode for approximately 2-3 months by now. For those 2-3 months, I have learned how to breed bettas. I have set up our wii's homebrew channel so we could play those unplayable games because of region factors. I have learned about selling dogs using forums is not so easy (I have encountered some people who would just wreck your honest ads. Crab mentality... ). I have learned a lot of things in this "vacation mode" I'm in. Oh, I also learned how to take better pictures. Most of the things I've learned are mostly through experience and tinkering with the camera!

But if I look back and see my goals and dreams that I wanted. I wasn't even finished with the goals I've made when I started this journey. I wanted to read the books I bought 2 years ago, and the business magazines I bought last book fair. I wanted to be better at Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to know how to format my own laptop. I wanted to watch all those movies I haven't watch over the past few months or years.

I made a few small goals like practicing early to bed, early to rise habits. Trying to wake up on the first alarm and not pressing the Snooze button. (Because I feel much more workaholic if I wake up on the first try.) So far, these small goals were successful! :)

Anyways, enough rambling about my goals. After an effort to clean up my e-mail. I came across the newsletter from Obsidian Dawn website. It was last year's OJT that started me to brush finding for Adobe Photoshop and this site was absolutely lovely! The site has tons of brushes that are pleasing to my eyes. And as I open those links once again. I feel like I'm a student once again. Trying out the tips she's giving and so far I'm successful and super happy!:) I really love to learn and probably, this is something which motivates me to even work harder.

Some people may say that it's too late for me to study some things. But I believe in you're never too late to study something! You just need the right motivation and the inspiration to do it!

I know this is mababaw , but I'm so happy I learned how to put colors with going over the edges on the brushes:D

Anyways! That's it for today. If you want me to link your blog/site. Just leave a comment! I'd gladly link you. My blogspot is still on its under construction state!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Play Auditorium

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Last time, Beni showed me a site since I love music. He asked me to go to Play Auditorium and try this game.

At first, I was little annoyed coz I don't know why it makes my system lag a little. But after playing the first few rounds, I was hooked!

The colors were very attractive and even the music that goes along it is really nice. It may be a little repetitive but I remember all those days where we play our instruments in the practice room.

Aside from the music and colors, I was attracted by idea of solving puzzles! Lately, I've been playing sudoku, crosswords in my Nintendo DS lite and this was just another puzzle game similar to another puzzle game I've been playing in my DS.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

The game has different seasons: spring, summer, winter and fall!

so far, I'm on the Spring 3:6, I think. I really like it, but it get tiring after around 5 stages straight:)

I recommend it for music and puzzle lovers out there! Try it and get hooked!;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gift Ideas

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I have been looking for the right gifts for my family. I was planning to give my Dad a pair of Fitflops. Finally the shoes with the built-in gym is available for the men!

For my Mom, my little sis told me that my Mom wanted some nightwear. Well, she was in-charge of that since her fashion sense is way better than mine and their taste match better than mine:)

For my lil sis, it was soooooo easy! I had so many options
to choose from.

a pixel skin by Speck

(in yellow mango color, this color on the web is different from actual)

it is actually called corncob yellow but we call it mango yellow!

2) Ipod Lego Mini Speaker

but since my lil sis has the 2nd gen Ipod Touch, I don't think she'd be needing this.

3) Something from Sanrio, of course a Cinamoroll thingy:)

In the end, the PixelSkin won coz it's a thing I'm sure my lil sis will love and use:)
after that I found the QQ speakers she wanted so yahoo! two gifts in a day:)

For my brother, it's so hard to give him a gift,
He has several perfumes, his interests are photography, cars and scuba diving. I really wondered what can I give.

and then we saw this!

The Lego Ferrari FXX! Cool, It's not just a model car but a lego one too!:)

but the price range is just way too over our budget. We'll just have to think of other things:)

that's it for now, gotta sleep!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My First Post

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I have blogged through different sites, xanga, diaryland, livejournal, multiply, etc but I have yet to try Blogger(Blogspot). Why the sudden change when blogging in multiply was already effective and a lot of people have been viewing it. I just thought of trying something new and trying what my brother suggested since I'm, like, over 15 hours online a day:)

will update tomorrow... I hope!:) At least something new to be busy about:)
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