Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 0
Not Like the Movies – KC Concepcion Music Code and Lyrics Code

I’m your average dreamer, I’m a true escapist
Always expecting a happy ending
Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies

Maybe I should grow up and start pretending
When I saw your face thou, everything was slow mo
And I started wondering why..?…

Why can’t it be?
Just a pathway full of roses
Leading to a sunset view
With the one you’ve always dreamt of greats

Why can’t it be?
It was like a movie scene, the way I felt for you
Only you didn’t fall, now it’s not like the movies at all
(…not like the movies at all..)

Should I kept my heart charged
Should have been more patient
Should I kept deny on my addiction

What was I expecting
Did I have a vision of a scene
That only lived in fiction

Now I know that you are not gonna be my co-star?
And it starts to wonder why..

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Not Like the Movies – KC Concepcion Music Code

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010 0
1) try laser tag - supposed to do today but i wasn't able to go:(
2) ocean park (even if i've been there more or less 3 times already.
3) try different restaurants on my list!
4) watch a movie
5) play bowling again, (not on wii! hehe!)
6) watch the stars
7) go to pet express moa!
8) travel outside metro manila

Monday, August 16, 2010


Monday, August 16, 2010 0
almost all my life...

i have been doing what other people like me to do. not what i like to do. why? sometimes, it makes me happy because i love those other people. but then again when i think about it. does it really make me happy? especially that they feel like it's what you want?

I have a lot of dreams in my life but then again, I am sure not all will be done in this lifetime. But as much as I try to do what I want, most of the time I can't coz the people around me whom I love sometimes wants me to do otherwise.

Broken promises, taken for granted, and it's my fault again.. over and over again..

some people have it easy. they get everything they want without any guilt even if there's a gray area or done in bad faith. but then again, i believe in karma. one day... i'll say one day...

I am so tired. everything I do, it's for them. and yet, if I make one single mistake or I get fed up it's magnified to a big shit.

oh well tiis tiis. well that's all i can do for now naman :(
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